Zelta Fleet Training offer a wide range of courses and all of them include a driving licence check and eyesight test.


The packages and courses offered are designed to be as flexible as possible to work within their normal duties and at affordable and practical level. The courses detailed below are examples and can be suitable for 1 to any number of drivers using the Bespoke course option.


The systematic approach uses the DAARM methodology which has been developed by Zelta Fleet Training which ensures consistency at all times.




Audit – At this stage we ensure the legality of the clients

Assess – This is the risk assessment drive

React – At this point we look at the assessment drive and the kinetic drive

Manage – This is where the process is completed and plans put in place for the future

Decide – This is where we talk about your requirements and choose the best options

Example Courses Available:

Please select and look at the options available.

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