Bespoke Course

Bespoke Course

The Zelta Fleet Training ‘Bespoke Course’ is probably the most powerful course that is offered because customers literally state their requirements and we then build a course to suit them.

The courses can be for any number of candidates and if a mixture of content is needed to suit individual requirements this is no problem including being part of your induction/selection process.

Example Bespoke Course Requirement:


Company Name:  ABC


No of employees for training or assessment: 12


Type of course: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Van based on Silver, 3 Assessment only


In this instance the Gold candidates could be management, the silver could be representatives with the van being delivery drivers. The Assessment only could be grey drivers (they use their own vehicles) or occasional drivers.


In this instance this would have to be scheduled carefully to complete over 2 days to reduce time away from the workplace and be most cost effective.


It could look like this:


Meet Gold Candidates x 90 mins        

10-30 Candidate 1 x 80 mins

12-00 Candidate 2 x 80 mins

14-00 Assess only Candidate 1 x 35 mins  

14-45 Assess only Candidate 2 x 35 mins

15-30 Assess only Candidate 3 x 35 mins



10-00 Candidate 1 x 60 mins

11-15 Candidate 2 x 60 mins

12-45 Candidate 3 x 60 mins

14-00 Candidate 4 x 60 mins

8-30 Meet Silver & Van x 60 mins

15-15 Candidate 5 x 60 mins

as possible

and quote ‘Bespoke’ course and list your general requirements including as much information

to help us design a course to meet your requirements.

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